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We are a top information technology recruiting firm that delivers experienced and innovative talent.

The IT industry is both changing the way we work – and few fields of employment change what and how they do more rapidly. From next-gen cloud computing to mobile applications to social media to infrastructure, the IT industry updates itself almost on a daily basis.

Your company needs to recruit IT professionals that can thrive in an ever-changing field and provide strategic and tactical guidance for your company to succeed. In information technology recruitment, time is of the essence. So whether you need top management talent for your internal IT department or are a technology firm looking for the very best talent, look no further than Verus.

Our Process

Our highly specialized IT talent recruitment professionals find talent that no other executive search firm can. Our advanced candidate tracking system covers the IT field from coast to coast, and includes highly specialized information on IT professionals who are not actively pursuing a career shift, but are receptive to offers from just the right company. You will certainly not find this talent on job boards but at Verus we know what it would take to take the next step in the career.